Each week of the year, I conduct at least one open house and, sometimes, I do as many as four. As a team leader, I oversee multiple agents, which allows for exponential development in the number of open houses we do.

In fact, we’ve established most of our business from the strangers we’ve met at open houses. Here are some tips for how you can do the same and cement yourself as an authority on all matters related to real estate.

1. Play some music. My specific go-to playlist is Spotify’s “Hôtel Costes.” Douglas Elliman, an employee of my company and one of the top agents in the world, has a business partner who has cited this as his music of choice for open houses.

2. Adjust the temperature based on the season. In the summer, the home should be well air-conditioned, and in the wintertime, make sure the heat is at a cozy setting—you’re going for absolute comfort here.

"Your agent’s ability to secure a higher sale price for your client hinges on these follow-ups."

3. Have fact sheets about the home readily available. Not having these on hand for each and every buyer that visits the home gives a clear signal that your agent is disorganized and ill-prepared, which doesn’t go over well with a potential buyer. My team and I not only supply fact sheets, but we also offer a buyer’s guide, a seller’s guide, our listing statistics, and a social proof (this is a series of images of the homes we’ve sold in the last year).

4. Ask those in attendance to sign in and include their contact information. Further, make sure you monitor the sign-ins closely. A cardinal rule is to never use a pen—but why? Well, through trial and error, I’ve learned what a hassle it can be to try and decipher phone numbers written in chicken scratch. And what if one person doesn’t even leave a phone number? Everyone that comes in thereafter might follow suit and, as a result, you’re left with avoidable missed opportunities. It’s incumbent on the agent to extract as much information as possible from each person in attendance. Their ability to secure a higher sale price for your client hinges on these follow-ups.

If you have any questions about how to conduct the perfect open house, please reach out to me today. I look forward to speaking with you!