I feel very lucky to talk to you today. I’ve been a real estate agent since 2005 when I was 24. I’m now 37, going on 38, and this year was the best year of my career.

As a real estate broker and a small business owner, I’m really heartened to have sold almost $60 million worth of real estate in 2017, with a few weeks still to go.

This year, we’ve already established ourselves as one of the top five teams in our office and one of the top 20 teams in our company, Douglas Elliman, on a monthly basis three separate times. We’ve gotten over 50 five-star reviews and we helped sellers set 13 building records in their buildings. We helped multiple buyers buy homes for big discounts, where they’ll create memories that last a lifetime.

Most of all, personally, I’ve been able to grow in a way that I’ve never thought possible. As a team leader, I’ve worked with other people and companies. Having my own team since 2016, I never imagined that just by working harder than anyone anyone else I know, I’d be in be in this top-10 range.


"I’ve been able to grow in a way that I’ve never thought possible."


It’s not maybe really important to someone who I’m helping sell or find a home because when I’m working with a client, I’m not the biggest broker in the world. There are plenty of people at other companies and out in the world who are bigger, badder, and better than me, but my success—my team’s success—comes from commitment, honesty, compassion, focus, and education.

Education isn’t something you’re born with, education is something you seek out. It’s not just mental, it’s also physical. I work with a business coach, a personal trainer, a yoga instructor, and more. I participate in think tanks in my office, attend national seminars, and read business books. 

All of these successes are never by accident. They’re all the product of empathy—empathy for my client in that you’re doing the best job possible for them. When you do that, you feel great, make money, and people refer you their friends and family too. That’s how I’ve built my career.

I want to be someone you can depend on for all your real estate needs, so if you have any questions, I hope you feel comfortable reaching out to me.