Some buyers and sellers are confused as to what the role of a real estate broker truly is, so I’d like to clarify this for all of you today.

For one thing, brokers are experts on housing values. They know how the size, style, location, and features of a home will impact its value. It takes a lot of knowledge and skill to have such an intimate understanding of this particular point.

Next, brokers are also experts on real estate contracts. Brokers help their clients navigate the process from start to finish. Beyond this, brokers can leverage their wide network of professional references at every step to ensure that you, their client, are well taken care of. A quality broker will have connections with plumbers, electricians, painters, stagers, photographers, and many other such professionals who can assist you with your real estate goals.

"Real estate brokers are service providers."

In short, real estate brokers are service providers. It’s their job to help you get the best results out of your real estate experience.

This is why, usually, brokers pay for every single expense related to marketing your property. This means they pay for professional photography, staging, signage, and other similar services. However, this doesn’t mean they’ll pay for the improvements you make before you sell. If you want to change out your countertops to get a higher return, for example, you’re still responsible for this expense.

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