This is the story about how I helped one of my favorite clients buy and sell a 2-bedroom home here in NYC.

The first time I met this client, I helped her sell her 1-bedroom in the West Village on Charles St. She had listed it with two other brokers before with no luck, but we came in and helped her finally sell it.

After it was sold, we helped her find a new place. Around November or December, a 2-bedroom in the West Village came on the market at $1.2 million and we immediately bid $1.21 million. My client moved in and did a gorgeous renovation on it, but estimated the value of the property to be more than what I thought she could get for it.

I told her this, but she still insisted on selling it for top dollar. We initially listed it for $1.7 before dropping the price to $1.6 million. We showed it over 200 times but got no offers because the price was still too high.

"My client sold her home, bought another, and then wanted to sell it after renovating."

One day, a buyer came in looking for a property for his daughter. He wouldn’t take off his shoes like the owner had asked, and he was kind of a jerk. He made a cash offer of $1.4 million, but my client refused. After a few months, we moved the price down to $1.5 million, which is where I wanted us to be all along.

The buyer from before came back after we dropped that price and increased his bid to $1.45 million, and we thought we had a deal at $1.475 million. However, my client insisted that they didn’t want to sell for any less than $1.5 million. After some more negotiating, he increased his bid and we were able to get the deal done for cash.

Ultimately, the whole situation was contentious, but we found a way to get it done for our client. She’s a client for life now and although we had to deal with a lot of stress throughout the process, we got to the goal we were hoping for. I care about this client very much and I hope we get to work together again soon.