For today’s real estate success story, I’ll tell you about a home that had quite the journey before finally being sold.

It all started when I was in the middle of hosting an open house for a property that had a ton of interest. One of the potential buyers who showed up turned out to be one of the neighbors, and they told me they didn’t want to buy that particular listing—they actually wanted to buy one of the larger, 3-bedroom properties in the building.

I then wrote letters on their behalf to everyone who had one of these properties, and someone eventually responded and hired us to sell the home. When we showed the home to the buyers, though, they passed on it.

"It all started when I was in the middle of hosting an open house for a property that had a ton of interest."

I then relisted the home for $1.85 million, and within 30 days we had an offer for $1.75 million. After some negotiation, we settled on $1.82 million and the buyer signed their part of the contract. However, due to a variety of reasons—namely, their hostile, noncommunicative lawyer—the sellers refused to sign their part of the contract and eventually pulled their house off the market, preferring instead to wait until the next spring to list it.

Unfortunately, the market worsened once spring came around, and they couldn’t generate any interest after relisting their property. On top of that, their neighbors put their home on the market too, and it was virtually identical. We had to reduce the price to $1.75 million, and that’s when the original buyers we wrote the letters for swooped in and offered $1.6 million, which we ended up accepting.

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