We’ve all been there -- your friends are coming into town and you have absolutely no clue what to do with them. So you start to panic, and suddenly you’re reconsidering everything, like what do people do in NYC in their free time? Do you have a good work/life balance?! Have you ever left your apartment ever, or do you just work and then go home and watch Netflix every day????

To make sure your guests have the best trip ever, and you stay calm, we’ve rounded up the activities you’ll actually want to do in NYC (and included price ranges, so you don’t go into debt trying to impress your girlfriend’s aunt’s therapist). Some are classic, some are off the beaten path, and absolutely none of them include Times Square.



Bake like a badass at Momofuku Milk Bar classes

Unlock the secret to those crazy tasty Momofuku cakes with this user-friendly baking class based on Christina Tosi’s best-selling Milk Bar cookbook. Learn how to build the perfectly layered masterpiece and turn scraps into cake truffles, and then take home every delicious morsel you bake.

Drink all the beer at Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

This beast of the New York beer halls doesn’t just offer a great excuse to check out Astoria, it’s also a certified beer mecca that really celebrates its founders' Czech and Slovak heritage. Enjoy a huge variety of brews for $16 a pitcher, and be sure to order some authentic brats and kielbasa off the perpetually fired-up grill.


Enjoy a tasting menu for < $100/person 

$$ - $$$
Multiple locations
Eating out is one of the best things about visiting NYC, which is why a diverse tasting menu should definitely be on your to-do list. Sister restaurants The Eddy and The Wallflower both offer affordable five-course options at $65/person, while the vegetarian-leaning (and Michelin-starred) Semilla offers eight courses for $75, and farm-to-table hotspot Mas offers a hearty four-course tasting menu for $88.

Get stimulated at Queen of the Night

Midtown West
This insanely popular circus/theater/nightclub extravaganza is exactly the type of outrageous experience your guests will be expecting, so go ahead and splurge on this pricey show. Tickets get you access to the performance and a dinner of roasted leg of lamb, whole-roasted pig, and giant racks of ribs.