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Let’s set the scene: your parents are in town and/or you finally decide to take advantage of living in NYC (aside from just the bars), and hit a museum. Afterwards, you’re feeling good about your newly cultured self, but now you’re starving. Everyone is relying on you to pick the place “because you live in New York, so you obviously know every restaurant!” Except you don’t, and you’re actually never in this area. You immediately get out your phone and start to frantically Google. Well, stop freaking out, because we have you covered with the best restaurant near every major museum in New York. Now get after some Matisse. And then some burgers.

American Museum of Natural History 

Shake Shack

Upper West Side
Just steps from all the dinosaurs is this ultimate win-win: an “NYC spot” for tourists that locals actually love, too. Word to the wise: order a double ShackBurger, a Smoke Shack, and the slightly newer Chick’n Shack to try a little of everything. And don’t you dare not get one of the concretes. 

Brooklyn Museum


Crown Heights
Warning: it’ll be hard to concentrate on the third largest museum in New York when you know crispy, thin slices covered with stuff like sopressata picante, pancetta, and honey are in arm's reach. Remember, we did tell you it’s one of the best pizza spots in Brooklyn.

Cooper Hewitt


Upper East Side
The move here is to hit this spot up for breakfast/brunch to ensure you score the buttermilk pancakes and short rib hash. It’s just the fuel you’ll need to stroll a few more blocks to the museum itself to look at some cool design. And then take a nice nap afterwards. 

The Frick Collection 

J.G. Melon

Upper East Side
Just a couple avenues down from this fancy old mansion-turned-museum full of sculptures, porcelain, and paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries, is J.G. Melon -- a classic UES pub that's been offering one of the city's best (and most classic)cheeseburgers and cottage fries (basically Ruffles, but fries!) for over 30 years. 

Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Cafe Sabarsky

Upper East Side
You won’t want to walk too far after going to the MET, given that just looking around that humongous space takes years off your life, so luckily, this Vienna-inspired cafe is only two blocks away. Discuss the antiquities wing over authentic goulash, Bavarian sausages, German lagers, and a slice of Sachertorte (that’s Viennese dark chocolate cake). 

Morgan Library and Museum


Midtown East
Head here for one of the New York’s most essential breakfasts (Punkin’ Waffles!) or for a post-Medieval manuscript snack of polenta fries. It’s worth the five blocks down and one avenue over for both.

Museum of the City of New York

Earl’s Beer and Cheese

East Harlem
Everything on the menu at this comfort food spot has either beer or cheese in it. Or beer cheese. Sure, learning the history of this city is incredibly cool, but it maaay be outshined by beer cheese.

Museum of Modern Art 

The Monkey Bar

Midtown East
No matter how many times you say you're going to visit the MOMA, you probably onlyactually go when a friend or a relative's in town, so why not go the full touristy route and hit this swanky eatery for a smoked scallop spaghetti, a Moscow Mule, and if you’re smart, the cookie plate.