Cubicles are out; farm tables are in

Annnnd we’re back to wallpaper. At this Dumbo product-development company, Lynch-Sparks’ team used a linear graphic to make the space appear larger and let the accent colors really pop.

Here at PureWow HQ we come across our fair share of cool NYC services. Valets that pick up your car anywhere. Dog walkers with GPS. Human ATMs.

But it’s one thing to discover and share the news with all your friends. It’s another to love an idea so much you actually--ya know--use it in real life.

So when it came time to upgrade and move offices, we scoured the Internet for design inspiration and found that New York is brimming with awesome workspaces (belonging to everyone from fashion bloggers to financial planners). Turns out, the bulk of our finds were designed by Homepolish. We had to get in on the action and hire them (and the always chic CB2) for ourselves.

Not to toot our own horn or anything…but our own office turned out pretty sweet. (OK, toooot!) Take a peek at our new digs and those Homepolish has reworked for other rad start-ups. Whether you’re looking for office or apartment inspiration, it’s a Pinterest wonderland up in this piece.