By William Mathis | August 4, 2016 7:19pm DNA Info

NEW YORK CITY — The MTA will start testing new subway countdown clocks that it will eventually install on train platforms across the city, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday.

The new clocks will feature LCD screens, which the MTA says is an improvement on the LED countdown clocks currently used in 176 stations.

“These actions are the latest steps toward rebuilding and transforming the MTA into a unified, state-of-the-art transportation network,” Cuomo said. “With this new and updated technology, we’ll help ensure riders have the information they need to get where they need to go.”

The MTA will install two clocks in each of the eight N, Q, and R stations — 23rd Street; 28th Street; 34th Street; 42nd Street; 49th Street; 57th Street; 5th Avenue/59th Street; and Lexington Avenue/59th Street — for a 90-day test period.

The clocks connect to the first and last cars of each train via wireless Bluetooth technology in order to communicate when the train enters and leaves the station.

Eventually, the LCD displays will be installed in all 269 lettered-line stations throughout the city.

The governor also announced that 131 buses on the M15 SBS, B46 SBS and S79 SBS lines will be retrofitted with digital information screens that will provide audio and visual route information and display next stop information, service advisories and travel information, including transfers.

The service will eventually be expanded to 3,600 buses in an effort to update the fleet citywide.