Originally posted by Seán Devlin on brownstoner.com

While New York City is internationally known as a top destination for film and television, Brooklyn has developed a good reputation as a place to go for actors, directors and filmmakers to create their own series on a newer, more open medium — the Web. Brooklyn’s own Steiner Studios is the largest film and television production facility in the United States outside the Los Angeles area, and is bringing even more credibility to developing film entertainment in the borough, but the rise of filmmakers’ ability to create content on the Web for smaller budgets has opened the doors to great new shows in the borough.

Keeping in mind Brooklyn’s rise in the Web-film world, here are three Web series based in or filmed in Brooklyn to check out.


Brooklynification is a web series that focuses on awkward comedic moments that make you say “only in Brooklyn” – think of an East Coast version of Portlandia. Made with the backing of BRIC, the show shines a light on the process of gentrification that has come to define Brooklyn for many people outside the borough, but does so in a comedic fashion that keeps the show light. Directed by Keith Miller, the show premiered on BRIC TV in December 2016. You can watch Brooklynification here.

Life, After

Life, After, an eight-episode web series created by Corinne Caputo and Erica Tachoir, focuses on two women in Brooklyn. That seems like a simple enough plot that’s been done enough times, but Life, After has a major twist – Corinne and Erica are paranormal Brooklynites. After a run in with an MTA bus, the pair have to navigate life, after, literally. The show was shot around the borough, and while Brooklyn can be seen in the background, no one can see Corrine or Erica. The pair both have extensive credits to their names – Tachoir is a veteran of the renowned UCB Theater, and Caputo just released a parody book for aspiring writers. You can watch the entire eight-episode series, which premiered in 2016, here.

Ocean Parkway

This web series about family life in Brooklyn is named for the major Brooklyn thoroughfare, and follows a family of four navigating parenthood and growing into their new Brooklyn home. It’s fresh and somewhat different than the other entrants on the list, as it focuses around a family and somewhat older characters, and shows how adapting to Brooklyn can be portrayed through film. Ocean Parkway made its debut in 2016. You can watch the series here.