by David Rosen

The David Rosen Team is a small operation, it’s me, David, Genifer, Adam, and Jsun. Jsun has a unique superpower – he knows everyone at all the great restaurants. So after we close a deal, he wows the clients and myself by taking us out on one of these adventures. Since we our having a record 2017, there have been a lot of dinners.

Our client who dined with us met us from a postcard we sent to her home. She chose to work with us after interviewing a few brokers, including the one who sold her the home. We were able to sell her home for 99.5% of the asking price, which was a lot more than she ever thought to ask for in the beginning! So everyone was in a good mood, snow be damned.  

Jsun took us to a restaurant that was out of this world! He scored an 8:00reservation at Loring Place. When we arrived our table was busy, so the GM came out and made small talk with us and gave us champagne.

Then our guest came. She has a background at the Manhattan DA’s office. It turns out that she knew a few of the people we had done deals with recently. Who knew the Manhattan DA’s office had such nuance? Hearing her reflect on her time at that job was a real eye opener, not in a judgmental way, it’s just so wild that in a City like New York to take a deep breath and realize there are real people behind every institution. Anyway, I digress. She had left the DA’s office a while back. I just thought it was odd because of some other people we had met along the way. Anyway I love the Manhattan DA’s office. BFF’s 143.

So after our table became available, the Executive Chef, Dan Kluger, came over and said hi. That was pretty, pretty cool. Then the GM brought the sommelier over. Lastly we ordered, and the chef sent out every other dish on the menu as a little gift, just in case we had missed them and forgot to order them.

Boring to hear – everything was amazing. We started with a round of appetizers. Of particular interest was the crispy, spiced cauliflower with meyer lemon jam and chiles. The Butternut “Fries” were a fantastic flavor. Wood grilled broccoli salad with pistachio mint dressing and a fluke crudo with citrus, chiles and radishes rounded out the appetizers.

Jsun had Crozes-Hermitage Cotes de Rhone Red Wine which he said a lot of big words about like 100% Syrah and other superlatives.

Our entrees were worth going and having for yourself. Our guest had the Pekin Duck. It was cooked to perfect temperature. It lacked the greasiness or over sweetness of some duck dishes. Jsun had the Roasted Short Rib accompanied a horseradish gremolata and potato puree. Both of these dishes were of the eff you pay me flavor sensation to the palette. Fine dining meets Mmerica.

Yours truly had the Grilled Scallops with sunchokes, apples and lime. I really found the flavors complex and unique. This was like no scallop I have ever had. The citrus was bright and the textures were complex. It was a simple presentation but fulfilling.

I skipped desert bet the chef insisted on us tasting the cashew crunch caramel milk chocolate bar. “Which essentially translated to the best Butterfinger bar you ever had,” said witness Jsun Laliberte.